Jamie Lee Curtis Reprises NCIS Role, Wants To Become A Regular

Jamie Lee Curtis has been fairly regularly appearing on CBS’ NCIS this season, and the actress has proven to be a big draw for the show–every time Curtis makes another guest appearance, the show’s ratings, which were already impressive to begin with, gets a boost.

Curtis is expected to return to NCIS once again for another guest appearance in the series’ next episode, which will air on April 10. The episode sees Tony and Ziva in a search for a missing Marine Lieutenant and Navy Chaplain, with a little help from Ziva’s longtime mentor.

Curtis’ character, Dr. Samantha Ryan, has turned out to be a hit among fans, and, apparently, the actress is fond of the character herself–so much so, in fact, she’d like to become an NCIS regular. Curtis, speaking in an interview on “CBS This Morning,” had this to say:

“If they can figure out the storytelling, which I’m sure Gary [Glasberg] can, I would obviously love to. I’ve very much enjoyed establishing her life and her role on the show, and now I would love to be able to play a little bit with [Gibbs.]

Curtis’ character’s relationship with Gibbs has been one of her favorite aspects of playing Dr. Ryan, she said. “He’s a fascinating character … He’s a tough nut to crack. He’s like a war photographer … he’s very much in his own world looking and trying to solve the world’s problems, but for this woman to be able to get in there a little bit, has been really challenging and fun.”

You can check out CBS’ interview with Jamie Lee Curtis for yourself in the video below.

via Huffington Post