Fans Aren’t Buying Jenna Jameson’s Conversion To Judaism [Video]

Despite past claims that she’s “extremely Catholic,” it seems Jenna Jameson is converting to Judaism so she can wed her new sweetheart, diamond giant Lior Britton. But fans aren’t buying her new faith and took to Twitter to let Jameson know.

Tipping the scales for fans, besides Jenna’s long standing career as an adult film star and director, is a 2013 statement made during an interview with Larry King.

“I’m very religious. I think that we’ve come a long way religiously. I don’t think that you have to take the Bible literally… And I love being able to teach my children what it means to just believe and have the strength of faith… I’ve always been extremely Catholic. My father was Catholic, and he brought me up that way.”

“I have a suspicion she converted purely for the jokes,” said one fan

Another wrote about the 41-year-old’s conversion to Judaism, “And all this time I thought she preferred blood sausage.”


Jameson’s new hubby has a checkered past as well, and according to the Daily Mail, he was accused of and pled guilty to insurance fraud in 2011. He claimed a 4.21-carat diamond was stolen from his jewelry store in 2010, but then tried to sell the diamond after receiving the insurance money. He was sentenced to three years of probation, five days in jail, and 90 days of home confinement, reports the Daily Mail.

Fan’s aren’t too enchanted with Jenna’s choice of a husband, with one fan posting “Oy. Meet the L.A. jewelry fraudster who lured Jenna Jameson to Judaism.”

Another person said to Jenna, “I hope you convert your love to monogamy, lol!!”

Jenna isn’t disheartened and has been cooking up a storm to celebrate her new faith, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Jameson has taken to Instagram and Twitter to show the world the obligatory food photos of what’s for dinner, writing “Starting my grocery list for my Shabbat menu… Excited to try a few new recipes!!!”

Jenna posted pics of her challah-making attempts, proudly showing off her kitchen table filled with all sorts of delicious offerings.

“Made challah again last night (love trying new recipes) turned out fantastic! @YeahThatsKosher @daniopp @JewishFood,” she captioned, according to Fox News.

At least we know her husband won’t go hungry when Jenna Jameson takes the full leap into her Judaism conversion and weds her new man.

[Image from Instagram]