New Michael Jackson Pics Emerge, John Peel’s 1988 Review

Michael Jackson’s death anniversary will soon be remembered by fans on June 25, and this time of year often brings out new Michael Jackson-related memorabilia with it. This is especially important as Michael Jackson fans deal with shocking headlines related to the financial decline of some of his family members.

A year after Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, fans gathered together in major cities throughout the world to remember the King of Pop — and took the time to share memorabilia. Each year, this trend of gathering on Michael Jackson’s death day to share memories and memorabilia has continued.

In 2010, Cleveland Magazine reported that Michael Jackson fans who could not visit his grave in Los Angeles gathered at the Apollo Theater in New York City — where Michael Jackson’s career was launched.

Those fans who gathered at the Apollo Theater also shared memorabilia of Michael Jackson exclusively from the theater’s collection that included, “Jackson’s black hat and sequin glove.”

At a similar celebration in Tokyo, Japan, treated Michael Jackson fans to memorabilia that included “a collection of his possessions, including costumes from his tours and even a 1967 Rolls-Royce Phantom that he used to drive around Los Angeles.”

For 2015, a celebration of Michael Jackson’s life will happen at his Los Angeles gravesite thanks to the annual One Rose for Michael Jackson group. Anyone looking for new Michael Jackson memorabilia to share will be happy to know that new pictures from his epic 1988 Bad World Tour have emerged.

Although they are from 1988, they were not posted until June 3, 2015. Within the newly published photo set, Michael Jackson can be found in three photos by Francis Apesteguy at the Getty Images website.

Taken on June 27, 1988, the three photos show Michael Jackson performing in Paris, France, for his Bad World Tour. The official Michael Jackson website shows he also played Paris on June 28.

Memories about the Bad World Tour are always fun for fans because it was one of Michael Jackson’s longest (at 17 months) — and some say most thrilling.

As Michael Jackson traveled through Europe during June 1988 (21 years before his death), he left behind a long trail of reviews that capture him at the height of his personal best.

For instance, Michael Jackson’s 1988 show in Basel, Switzerland, on June 16 was covered by the local Swiss English-speaking newspaper, Stripes. They stated that St. Jakob Stadium was filled with 55,000 fans and that Michael Jackson was paid about $1 million for the show.

What is different about listening to Michael Jackson live versus recorded? Anita Gosch writes the following in her review of Michael Jackson’s Basel show.

“Jackson’s music, too — those bright, catchy, all-too-familiar little pop tunes heard over the radio — receives an unexpected, yet thrilling, hard-rock edge in concert… If Jackson were ever to release a live album, his music would surely appeal to hard-rock fans.”

About Michael Jackson’s Bad World Tour date in England, the famous and unforgettable music reviewer John Peel wrote the following about the July 17, 1988 performance for the Observer. It was reprinted in 2009 for the Guardian.

“The last time I saw Michael Jackson at Wembley, he was a diminutive fifth of the Jackson 5, cute and precocious. On Thursday he returned as superhero, larger and appearing stranger than life, with a show I do not expect to see equalled in my lifetime…. My only wish is that my children could have been there to see this stupendous performance. It is something they would never have forgotten.”

In addition to a long list of 2015 Michael Jackson celebrations throughout the world held during the week of June 25, fans can also purchase a rose for his gravesite until June 16.

[Feature image via Getty Images]