WWE News: Hulk Hogan Likely Not Wrestling At ‘WrestleMania 32’

Back in the fall of 2011, Hulk Hogan took on Sting at TNA Bound For Glory, and it appears that match will turn out to be the last match of his professional wrestling career. It appears that Vince McMahon isn’t willing to allow Hogan to get back into the ring and actively compete one last time, despite Hogan having a strong desire to have one last match at WrestleMania 32.

Over the past couple of years — with a few exceptions — Vince McMahon has been adamantly against putting “old guys” in the ring, and Hogan, who is 61, certainly falls into that category.

In order for any WWE personality to step into the ring, they have to pass a physical. Hogan, who has had a long history of back issues, likely won’t be able to pass the physical. Moreover, Vince McMahon doesn’t want to allow older guys who have an injury history to wrestle due to him being worried that someone will end up like Jerry “The King” Lawler, who had a heart attack immediately following a match on live television. Of course, what happened to Lawler was a freak situation, but McMahon just doesn’t want someone who is north of 60 and has pre-existing health issues back into the ring because there is a chance that tragedy could strike.

Dave Metlzer of theWrestling Observer has reported that Vince McMahon isn’t planning to let both “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan back into the ring ever again. It appears that Austin has no interest on getting back in the ring, but Hogan is on the other side, as he badly wants to have one more match, and he wants to have it at AT&T Stadium at WrestleMania 32.

There has been a rumor that WWE will end up allowing Hogan to compete in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at next year’s WrestleMania due to it being a safe match. Of course, if Hogan were to compete in it, he would win it due to him not being able to withstand taking a bump over the top rope.

In previous interviews, Hulk Hogan has pitched the idea of him facing guys like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Rusev, John Cena, and Ric Flair at next year’s WrestleMania. However, it would appear that Hogan won’t be having a match at all on the show. It’s expected that he will be at the show and that he will be involved, probably in some sort of backstage skit.

[Image via WWE]