WWE News: Kevin Owens Defends John Cena, Says Anyone Who Thinks Cena Isn't A Good Pro Wrestler Is 'Kidding Themselves'

Aaron Sass

For the majority of his WWE career, there has always been wrestling fans who like to criticize John Cena's in-ring ability, despite the fact that he, for the most part, is constantly having great matches. However, it does seem that the criticism of Cena's in-ring skills has mostly gone away, but there is still a segment of the audience that likes to chant "You can't wrestle!" at the 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

John Cena's latest dance partner that he's stealing the show with is the NXT Champion Kevin Owens, who certainly isn't lacking in-ring skill. Owens and Cena had their first match back at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, and their next match takes place at the Money in the Bank show this Sunday night, which is expected to steal the show much like their first match did.

Owens -- who now has first hand knowledge of what it's like to be in the ring with John Cena -- spoke with the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show and defended Cena's in-ring ability, saying that "anyone who says he's not a good professional wrestler is kidding themselves."

"Anybody who says that [John Cena] is not a very good professional wrestler and a very good performer all around is kidding themselves. I know he gets a lot of years a lot of hate from a lot of people for various reasons, but anybody who denies the talent, John Cena's talent in the ring, is really in denial. He's a fantastic competitor and you know if it wasn't made evident by the match and we had at Elimination Chamber it's going to be made evident again by the match we have at Money in the Bank. I feel like we brought out the best in each other at Elimination Chamber and we're going to do it again this Sunday but there's no way I'm leaving Columbus as anything but a winner."

It's expected that John Cena will get the win over Kevin Owens this Sunday night, which will continue their very entertaining feud. However, the majority of the WWE creative team is well-aware that the right thing to do would be to have Owens defeat Cena again, as it would help solidify him as one of WWE's top heels. Also, if Owens does get the win, it's very likely that even though the match isn't for the United States Championship, John Cena will forfeit the U.S. Title and hand it over to Owens.

[Image via WWE]