Why Do Critters Avoid Sweets With Aspartame? You Won't Believe What The Sweetener Is Made Of

Jan Omega

Over the past two decades, organic communities have done all they can to warn scientists about the repercussions of "playing god" with the food nature provides. From recombinant bovine growth hormone found in milk to the dangers of glyphosate, scientists have pushed the envelope with reckless abandon despite repercussions. Because of this, the organic communities moved from warning scientists to informing the public.

However, the fact that most reports center primarily GMOs versus organic crops, news on other dangerous "science experiments" are overlooked. One such "science experiment" is aspartame, a sugar substitute advertised as a diet ingredient for its lower calorie count. Despite this advertising, why is it that animals adamantly avoid consuming products with aspartame in them. The answer: aspartame is dangerous. Not only that, it is made of something quite disgusting: bacteria feces.

Aspartame is a byproduct (the poop) of bacteria. Yet, aspartame is literally in thousands of food products, as reported by Minds. It is often found in soft drinks, candies, and bakery desserts hidden behind the product names of NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, or Equal-Measure. Apparently, the food companies did not listen when Mercola made it clear aspartame is "by far the most dangerous substance added to most foods today."

If all the previous information on the dangerous sugar substitute isn't enough, a brand new truth about aspartame has been uncovered. As mentioned earlier, aspartame is made of bacteria feces, as reported by Infowars. This was exposed by Darrin McBreen during an interview with Alex Jones.

Simply put, aspartame should be avoided at all costs because it is just too dangerous to keep consuming. Livestrong understood the gravity of the situation and compiled a list of foods containing aspartame so people would be informed. It is constantly updating and sadly, it is constantly growing too.

[Image via Minds]