Daughter’s texting cost family $4,756.25 – Damn!

Texting has become something of our next social disease but in most cases doesn’t much more damage that give you sore thumbs especially if you are in the habit of sending out 10,000 text messages. The real problem is when you suddenly find yourself with a hefty bill at the end of the month as Gregg and Jaylene Christoffersen did recently.

It turns out their daughter, Dena Christoffersen, got a little over active at school with her texting habit on a phone that her parents had thought the texting had been disabled. Well it turns out that it wasn’t and Verizon was good enough to send them a bill for $4,756.25.

Not only that but during this time Dena’s grades went from As and Bs to solid Fs right across the board. Combine the two things together and Gregg Christoffersen did the only thing a father could do – he took a hammer to the phone. Dena has also been grounded until the end of the school years, but since she has lost her phone her grades have made a marked recovery.

Hammered cell phone

On the money part of it Verizon was good enough to take the ax to the bill and reduce it down to a more reasonable level.

[via 9NEWS.com]

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