Florida Woman Arrested After Posting Photo Of 8-Month-Old Baby With Plastic Bag Over His Face Via Facebook

A Florida woman is now facing aggravated child abuse after posting a photo of her infant baby with a plastic bag covering his face on social media, reports News Net5.

Dinah Gue is a 27-year-old woman from West Palm Beach, Florida with an 8-month-old son whose name has not been released. It’s evident that she resents the child’s father for entering a new relationship when she sent his girlfriend a shocking photo.

Florida woman Dinah Gue took pictures of child with plastic bag over his head – http://t.co/sFWihTZ23N

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On June 6, while the child was in his mother’s care, Gue laid him on the floor and placed a plastic bag over his head, blocking his airway. She then took a photo of her son and sent it to the child’s father’s girlfriend – whose name has not been released to the public – via Facebook.

Along with the photo, she added: “Ain’t he cute with his plastic bag over his head? He struggling to try to get it off, but naw Ima leave it there.”

Apparently, the baby was having difficulties breathing as he was trying to take it off. It is unclear how long she had the plastic baby over her baby’s head; however, sources say he did not suffer any injuries.

After the picture was sent, crude messages were exchanged between the woman and Gue just before the West Palm Beach police were notified of the incident. An investigation was launched and Gue was immediately arrested, according to WPTV.

Once in police custody, Gue admitted to taking a photo of her infant son with a plastic bag over his face, and sending it to her child’s father’s girlfriend.

She now faces aggravated child abuse charges.

Gue appeared in court June 8 where prosecutors said that “she put her child’s life in danger” for a senseless act. Prosecutors also believe that Gue had placed the plastic bag over her baby’s head out of revenge. She wanted a reaction out of both her child’s father and his new girlfriend, but she ended up being arrested for her actions.

Gue remains at the county jail with a set bond at $100,000.

This is a developing story.

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