Dave Grohl Suffers Nasty Injury At Foo Fighters Concert In Sweden

Dave Grohl and the rest of his band the Foo Fighters were performing in Sweden when things took an ugly turn. According to TMZ Grohl had jumped off stage and suffered a nasty leg injury. Grohl finished singing the song, but then announced to the Swedish crowd that he thought he broke his leg and he needed to go to the hospital. USA Today reported he vowed to return.

“Right now, I’m gonna go to the hospital and fix my leg and then we’re gonna come back and play for you again.”

While Dave was being attended to, the rest of the band continued to rock, with drummer Taylor Hawkins taking care of the vocals.

As for Grohl, he was down but not out as he returned to the stage later with a cast on his right leg. He was able continue the concert sitting in a chair. The London Evening Standard reported that Grohl hit the stage a little worse for wear, but still ready to rock.

“I may not be able to walk or run but I can still play guitar and scream.”

What this means for the rest of the Foo Fighters tour remains to be seen. The band is scheduled to play the Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands on June 14. They also have dates in Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Belgium for the rest of the month. Grohl and the band are then supposed to play at RFK in Washington D.C. on July 4. As reported on earlier here at the Inquisitr, the July 4 concert is the beginning of a tour of the United States and Canada.

The current tour is in support of the band’s album Sonic Highways which was released back in November 2014. The album’s eight songs were written in eight different cities by Grohl. Dave went to each city and spoke to musicians and used those conversations as inspiration for the new music. The Foo Fighters then recorded a track in each city. The eight U.S. cities the band used as inspiration were Austin, Chicago, New York, Nashville, Seattle, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. The concept also included an HBO documentary series. Dave and the boys are already in the planning stages for a follow up to Sonic Highways which may include some international cities as well.

Does Dave Grohl’s return to the stage after his injury make you love the band even more? What is your favorite story of a rock n’ roll injury?

Oh, and the next time you see Dave Grohl, be sure not to tell him to break a leg as he heads out on stage; Dave might just take you a bit too literally.

[Image Source: Chris Hyde / Getty Images]