Ugandan Grandmother Caught On Camera Brutally Beating, Torturing Granddaughter [Video]

A Ugandan housewife is in hot water over disturbing footage that captures her beating and torturing a 4-year-old child. According to Opposing Views, the woman, identified as Fazira Nake of Tororo, Uganda, was caught on camera brutally beating and torturing the young child.

Although the footage states that Nake is the child’s grandmother, recent reports have confirmed that she is only romantically involved with the child’s grandfather, making the child her step-granddaughter. The 28-year-old mother of two has admitted to her actions, claiming she became infuriated with the child because she kept soiling her pants.

An unnamed neighbor stated that the torture took place while Nake’s husband was away from home working. It is unclear whether the neighbor filmed the video, but disturbing footage of one beating recently surfaced online and has since gone viral.

ugandan grandmother

The two-minute video begins with Nake relentlessly beating the child with a shoe. As the child screams in agony, Nake grabs the child and lifts her into the air by her cheeks. However, that’s only the beginning of the horrific attack. Although the child continues to cry, Nake never wavers with the assault. She can be seen picking the child up by her ankles as she continues beating her with the shoe. Based on the footage, she appears to hit the child in the back with her shoe.
Nake 2

The shocking clip has reportedly led to Nake’s arrest. According to News Vision, Jane Nazika, with the Tororo Police Department’s Child and Family Protection Unit, stated a concerned neighbor issued an anonymous tip regarding Nake’s disturbing behavior. “I received a call at midnight on Monday from the person who had identified this woman after watching the video,” Nazika recalled.

Following the arrest, Nake admitted she’d beaten the child. She stated she never intended to beat the child and has asked to be spared. “I ask forgiveness from all those that I have wronged because the action was not intentional,” Nake said. “Please just spare me as I will never do it again.”

Nake has been charged with child abuse. It has been reported that these types of child abuse cases are very rare in the Tororo area of Uganda.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]