Claire Sweeney Exposes Bill “Dirty Dog” Clinton’s Presidental Pickup Tactics

British actress and TV personality, Claire Sweeney, has come forward with info that former U.S. President Bill Clinton tried to hit on her at a fancy costume party in Russia.

Claire Sweeney was at the posh party hosted by Cliff Richard, when Clinton, who was U.S. President at the time, sought her out and approached her, dressed as an admiral. Sweeney, who was at the party at the time with her boyfriend, businessman Tony Hibbard, said in an interview with Channel Five’s The Wright Stuff:

“Clinton came over and started chatting me up.”

I thought: “You dirty dog.”

His bodyguard then came over and said: “Mr President, we need to go”.”

But Clinton shook off his body guards and approached Sweeney again. 37-year-old Claire Sweeney asked him: “You don’t want to go, do you?” Clinton replied: “How can you tell?” Sweeney said: “Because your left leg is dancing.”

And that’s when 62-year-old President Clinton is alleged to have responded with this gem:

“My middle leg will be dancing soon!”

Claire Sweeney is best known for role as Lindsey Corkhill in the Channel 4 soap opera Brookside and her appearance on the first series of the Reality TV show, Celebrity Big Brother. Prior to that, she starred in a workout video for weight watchers and won the coveted award for “Rear of the Year” in 2001.