Jennifer Lawrence: Bodyguard Gets Up Close And Personal But Chris Martin Stays Consciously Coupled [Video]

Jennifer Lawrence loves her new bodyguard because he doesn’t just protect her. J Law’s bodyguard also provides eye candy, according to Us Weekly.

The 24-year-old actress chose Greg Lenz to accompany her looking for a new apartment.

“Jennifer likes the hot ones!” explained a source in giving the reason as to why Lawrence chose Greg.

Holding a puppy while protecting the Hunger Games princess, Lenz has been closely guarding Jennifer. He also did bodyguard duty while she was staying in a hotel.

However, Greg isn’t J Law’s first Close Encounter of the Bodyguard Kind. She previously chose another hot dude for her security detail, named Justin Riblet.

“He’s very popular amongst the ladies in Jen’s team,” said an insider.

So how does Chris Martin feel about all these hot bodyguards close to his girlfriend’s side? As a celebrity himself, he’s accustomed to having a bodacious bodyguard near his lady.

“It’s common for them to switch off guys dealing with the more intense clients,” explained someone close to Jennifer of the reason for switching.

And don’t look for any romances to bloom between Lawrence and her new bodyguard. He’s already married.

Moreover, Coldplay singer Chris and Jennifer are deeply in love, reported People.

Although work sometimes separates them (Lawrence recently had to spend two months in Massachusetts to star in a biopic Joy), an insider revealed that they are devoted to each other despite the distance.

“Happier than ever, they have been spending a lot of time together,” revealed the insider. “(Their) quality time (includes) an effort to get to know her friends.”

Martin, who is 38, has finalized his divorce from 42-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow, and he dotes on Jennifer, added the source.

“Romantic and thoughtful,” summed up the observer. “He always makes Jen feel beautiful.”

But what of Gwyneth’s and Chris Martin’s children? The two have shared custody, and the Coldplay singer makes time for visiting the kids.

Brother proof. Sort of.

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“Both have full plates and they like it that way. They see each other when they can, yet each continues to do their own thing. They respect each other immeasurably,” said one of Martin’s pals.

As for the relationship between Paltrow and Martin, they respect each other, said another insider.

“They are both very private and very aware that who they date attracts attention. They are good friends who respect one another deeply as parents.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Gwyneth adores her children, 10-year-old Apple and 9-year-old Martin. She’s posted photos of them on Instagram, and as one observer noted, the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]