Ruby Rose Is ‘Orange Is The New Black’s’ Stella: Getting To Know The Character Behind The Face

Orange is the New Black (OITNB) has been one of the biggest television series to hit the screen that highlighted some of the most sensitive issues the world over. OITNB fans were extremely excited for the Orange is the New Black Season 3 premiere, and Netflix surprised everyone today by releasing the premiere a day early, the Inquisitr reports.

Those who have watched the premiere episode of Orange is the New Black Season 3 are surely on the net right now trying to look up who the new Orange is the New Black character is because she’s just 100 percent fierce and sexy. Stella Carlin is definitely making our favorite Litchfield inmates swoon on her feet.

Orange is the New Black’s Stella Carlin is played by singer, DJ, and actress Ruby Rose and is her biggest break in Hollywood television. Rolling Stone talks to Ruby Rose about her character Stella for series Orange is the New Black and gets to know more about the Australian celebrity.

Just as a starting fan of the Orange is the New Black series, Rose admits that she had to audition hard to get the Stella Carlin role for OITNB. She says she fell in love with Orange is the New Black because of its success in creating something that brings together the LGBT community and helps other people understand their sexuality.

“Especially for someone in the LGBT community, I don’t think there’s been a show that’s so true about the experience of being gay or lesbian or trans. It’s helping a lot of people discover who they are. And I think that’s magic — you don’t get that a lot on TV.”

Ruby Rose is also a self-proclaimed genderqueer and is very comfortable about her sexuality. Everyone would agree that the new Orange is the New Black character is the sexiest and hottest inmate in the bunch, but Rose admits that she finds every Orange is the New Black character has a certain sex appeal to herself.

“Poussey is such a babe. Alex is out of control. Nicky has a thing about her. Every one of these girls has different sex appeal, whether they’re vulnerable, or whatever it is. I have a crush on every single person on (Orange is the New Black), much to my fiancée’s amusement… I wish I could be as beautiful as them.”

Ruby Rose also confesses that she could relate to almost every single character in Orange is the New Black. However, Rose says that she relates best to Stella because Stella Carlin is very similar to Ruby Rose in more ways than she could have imagined.

[M]y character, Stella, is so similar in her mannerisms to me, and she’s very androgynous. It’s such a perfect fit.”

One of the more recent projects by Ruby Rose, other than her casting as Stella Carlin in Orange is the New Black, is her self-made short film Break Free. Rose wrote, produced, and starred in the movie and it made quite a buzz, putting her in the front of casting agents. It’s obvious that Rose delivers very well when it comes to doing things she is very passionate about — and that is tackling issues on gender identity.

But even though Rose did such a great job portraying Stella in Orange is The New Black, Rose tells Entertainment Weekly that acting is more outside the Ruby Rose comfort zone.

“I could live my whole life being so comfortable doing things I’ve already worked hard to not be nervous at or I could continue to push the envelope and make myself uncomfortable and learn and see what I’m capable of and acting is definitely that.”

Watch Ruby Rose as Stella Carlin drop some heart-fluttering winks and start a love triangle with Alex Vause and Piper Chapman in Orange is the New Black Season 3, already out.

[Image courtesy of JoJo Whilden/Netflix]