Tonia Sotiropoulou To Be New Bond Girl In ‘Skyfall’

Greek actress Tonia Sotiropoulou has signed on to join the cast of ‘Skyfall‘, the 23rd film in the long-running Bond series, as the next Bond girl, according to James Bond news site MI-6 HQ.

“Dear friends I officially announce I got a part in J. Bond new film!!!” Tonia said in a post on her Facebook page, adding, “Turkey here I come! Thank u all for your love and support! This is officially the happiest day of my life b****es!!!!”

According to the report, Sotiropoulou, who currently lives in London, will make her first appearance in Skyfall as Bond’s new love interest during the opening scenes. The scene, which is being filmed and set in Istanbul, sees 007 being smuggled to a new location after he is assumed to be dead.

Sotiropoulou, whose appearance in a Hollywood title will be a first, will begin filming her scenes on April 22, and the actress will reportedly “shoot two or three scenes over 5 days.”

Sotiropoulou may have managed to land herself a pretty major role in Skyfall, but the actress actually first auditioned for the role of Severine, the newest Bond villain, back in August of last year. Instead, French beauty Berenice Marlohe was offered the part of the villainous Severine.

I can’t imagine that Sotiropoulou took the news too hard as, just a few months later, the actress was picked for the role of the Bond girl in Skyfall.

What do you think? Is Tonia Sotiropoulou a good pick to be the Bond girl in Skyfall?

Source: MI-6 HQ