Nearly 18,000 Three-Letter Names Left on Twitter

Low-character names may be all snatched up when it comes to domains, but nearly 18,000 three-character names are still unclaimed on Twitter, one monitoring service says.

Domain Pigeon says it’s detected 17,855 available three-character names on Twitter as of this morning. Unfortunately, you have to pay to sign up and see what the names are, but it’s still interesting to know that many are open.

The site’s creator tells CNET he’s found “quite a few good” names still available on Twitter. I’m hoping that these, which are currently featured on Domain Pigeon’s home page, are not among them:

• @potties

• @smelled

• @orally

• @erects

• @dampest

• @skinned

• @gropers

• @piggery

• @elfland

• @vinegar

• @atticsalt

• @spermoil

• @cervix

• @rapists

• @garbagetruck

• @umbrellatree

“Potties”? “Spermoil”? “Umbrellatree”?! Actually, “umbrellatree” isn’t half-bad. Maybe I’ll go snatch that one up.