Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Expert Talks Medical Costs, Nick Gordon Asked To Take Polygraph

Bobbi Kristina Brown still remains in a dire medical condition after being found comatose in her Roswell, Georgia, townhome on January 31. As she continues to receive 24-hour medical care, the expenses continue to mount up.

Yahoo! TV reports that in a recent interview with The Wrap, Patrick Hughes-Cromwick, a senior health economist for the Center for Sustainable Health Spending, states that figuring out the costs of care for Bobbi Kristina can be a bit difficult, as an insurance plan may or may not cover the costs.

Hughes-Crowmick states that although a “hospital might have a rate on a regular day of $1,000 or $2,000,” in the case of Bobbi Kristina, the costs may be much higher. Since she was kept on a ventilator for numerous months, the first day alone could have costed anywhere from $6,700 to $10,800.

Although there is no indication yet whether Bobbi Kristina, 22, has insurance, generally insurance companies make financial agreements with hospitals to lessen the charges. Hughes-Crowmick, however, says that this may not have happened with Bobbi Kristina, simply due to her celebrity status.

“It could be the case where they have to pay full charges just because they’re famous and they’re supposed to have a lot of money. And maybe they don’t have an insurance plan that has done this kind of negotiating with the provider.”

Medical charges for long-term rehabilitation centers, such as the Dekalb Medical Center, where Bobbi Kristina was transferred to earlier this year, are more defined and easy to understand.

Hughes-Crowmick indicates that the “very high costs” of rehabilitation facilities can run from $1,000 or more per day. The economist gave a ballpark figure of around $165,000 for only two months of treatment.

Additionally, 24-hour care for patients in long-term rehabilitation centers can run around “about $100,000 a year,” according to Hughes-Crowmick.

“Next thing you know you can go from that $100,000 to $150,000 area to $200,000 or $250,000, plus therapists that have to be added in. I can easily see this mounting to $200,000 or $250,000 a year.”

Meanwhile, details of the investigation on Bobbi Kristina’s comatose condition surfaced again after Ian Halperin’s new book, Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame, was released. Nick Gordon, 26, remains the prime suspect in the incident, but so far, the Roswell Police Department have not charged him with any criminal activities.

Nick Gordon

Recently, Halperin said that he could help Gordon see Bobbi Kristina under one condition: a polygraph test must be taken. Gordon has been fighting to see his girlfriend for months.

“If Nick Gordon agrees to take a polygraph and answers the questions about what happened that night, and if he passes the polygraph with a high accuracy rate, I know I can get him access to see Bobbi Kristina.”

Halperin also states that he’s working with “one of the world’s leading polygraph examiners.” He also says he has contacts who know Bobby Brown. The contacts intend to present the polygraph information to Brown, according to Halperin, so that Gordon has a chance of seeing Bobbi Kristina.

Bobby Brown

“If Gordon passes the polygraph and it all checks out, they’ve agreed to present it to Bobby Brown and to try to get him to let Nick Gordon see Bobbi Kristina, and I think that’s fair”

Halperin offered to pay for the test, but so far Gordon hasn’t responded to the request. Halperin feels that Brown family are stopping Gordon from seeing Bobbi Kristina because they feel foul play occurred when she was found comatose, and that Gordon may have been involved.

Bobbi Kristina Brown remains at the Dekalb Medical Center in Atlanta. Despite recent rumors, the family has no intentions of removing her from life support.

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