Hotmail: You Don’t Have an Inbox…Yet?

Some users of Microsoft’s Windows Live Hotmail were greeted with a strange message last night. A system error caused a message claiming there was no inbox to appear.

You Don’t Have an Inbox…Yet

The message mysteriously stated: “You don’t have an inbox…yet.” It started popping up for users late last night — just before midnight ET, according to the folks at Microsoft — and continued for a good couple of hours.

You Dont Have an Inbox Yet

What Happened to Hotmail?

So what happened to Hotmail? According to Microsoft’s official posting, a “service disruption” caused the unusual error to appear.

“This was incorrect messaging,” the service’s help site explains.

All users’ messages and settings are still stored, Microsoft assures, and the inbox incident was just a mistake.

Still getting the error? Try closing your browser altogether then reopening it and signing in — or, if that doesn’t work, clear your browser’s cache and then try again.