'Jurassic World' Stars Bryce Dallas Howard And Chris Pratt Introduce The World To Dinosaur Erotica

Human desire is a powerful, unpredictable, and sometimes bizarre thing. Jurassic World stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard recently learned just how unusual it can be when they were commissioned in an interview to read a brand of naughty fiction that's hard to believe exists.

Dinosaur erotica.

Bryce's immediate response? "Yuck!" Pratt, on the other hand, looked both confused and curious, but also surprised, People reported.

(It probably goes without saying but the video contains some mildly NSFW content.)

Dallas Howard and her co-star stopped by MTV ahead of the film's highly anticipated release, with the false notion that they'd just be discussing Jurassic World.

MTV had other delights in store for Bryce and Chris. They were both given index cards, on which were written excerpts of a book entitled In the Velociraptor's Nest.

FYI, it has four stars on Amazon and features Azog, an "underappreciated cavewoman" who is treated "like a piece of meat" by tribesmen. She tries to prove herself as a hunter, but is trapped by the dino dad of a nest of raptor eggs. She must "use all of her womanly wiles" to escape his clutches.

Hey, whatever floats your boat. But Bryce was certainly not impressed. The pair resurrected their on-screen chemistry to read the excerpt.

"Azog stood back to the wall clad only in damp buckskins," Pratt read.

"Waiting for the beast to slash at her torso until she lay helpless and bleeding on the damp cave floor," Dalls Howard continued. "This is so sick."

By the end, Bryce seemed to have enough of it, while Chris admitted--hopefully in jest--to enjoying the saucy tale.

No word on whether Dallas Howard intends to star in the movie version of Azog's story. Probably not, seeing as she proved herself to be a very talented actress during an interview with Conan Wednesday night.

She showed off two very important skills for an actress: Screaming your head off and bawling your eyes out. She didn't have to prove capable either before being cast in the film, People reported.

Luckily, Dallas Howard's scream is one for the record books.

Obviously, this reaction is the more appropriate--and logical--response when seeing a dinosaur. That and running away, extremely quickly. But the human imagination is infinitely diverse, which means Velociraptor's Nest isn't the only title in the unusual niche genre. There's also Seized by the T-Rex, Psychic Raptors in Lust, and Desired by a Dinosaur.

[Photo Courtesy Kevin Winter/Getty Images]