Fossilized Dinosaur Blood Found, But Don’t Expect A Real ‘Jurassic World’

Fossilized dinosaur blood has been discovered accidentally in the remains of “poop” dug up in Canada 100 years ago. While the 75-million-year-old sample might give us more insight into dinosaur DNA, we won’t see a real life Jurassic World coming from it.

Blood and collagen cells were discovered in the sample, which also contained bone fragments of various dinosaurs, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. A claw from a meat-eating therapod, some limb and ankle bones from a duck-billed dinosaur, and a toe bone from what could be a triceratops were found in rather bad condition among the soft tissue.

Researchers at the Imperial College in London were analyzing the samples with an electron microscope and mass spectrometer as they were on their way to the city’s Natural History Museum when they made the discovery by accident. The discovery raises questions about how many museums with actual dinosaur fossils and bones might also contain such samples.

Scientists have speculated that the fossilized dinosaur blood could also contain DNA. However, as the Huffington Post has revealed, even the plot to Jurassic Park had some major plot holes that would keep it from being scientifically plausible.

The most relatable plot hole in this instance is that getting usable dinosaur DNA from a mosquito would be near impossible, since it would be mixed in with a host of other things. If they used it to recreate anything, all they would get is another mosquito at best.

The same problem lies with the sample discovered in London. While it’s more directly related to actual dinosaurs, the ability to recreate a living dinosaur is simply the work of fantasy. The reason for this lies in the degradation process, which happens too quickly to preserve anything of value after millions of years, says CNN.

While a real Jurassic World would be impossible to create, we now know a little more about the shapes of things like white blood cells from the terrible lizards. Even the discovery of fossilized dinosaur blood isn’t enough to make it happen, due to degradation.

You’ll just have to see the Chris Pratt film if you want the theme park that badly.

[Image via FizX Entertainment]