Brittney Palmer: UFC Ring Girl Sparks Monumental Debate Because Of Her Breasts

Jan Omega

Not all the attention in MMA goes to fighters, announcers (such as Joe Rogan), or the higher-ups of a promotion (Dana White for UFC, Scott Coker for Bellator MMA, etc.). Some of it go to the ring girls, especially if they are very popular among the MMA community. One such ring girl who fits such an example is UFC's very own Brittney Palmer. Because of the dedication of her fan base, Palmer can make news by simply posing with celebrities and sports stars such as Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper.

Now, it seems Brittney Palmer's popularity has exponentially grown to such a degree, just the slightest change about her suddenly becomes the subject of epic discussion. For this instance, the discussion is over a particular part of Palmer's body, a part that many men admire on her (or any woman for that matter): her breasts!

According to Examiner, many in the UFC community seemed to have noticed that Brittney Palmer revamped her body, especially her breasts. At UFC 187: Johnson vs. Cormier, it was when she took her turn strutting the round card outside of the Octagon. Online, it was with her two Twitter pictures (which are attached below for viewing).

— Brittney Palmer (@BrittneyPalmer) May 24, 2015

— Brittney Palmer (@BrittneyPalmer) May 24, 2015

UFC fans also believe Brittney Palmer's upper-body transformation is a means to expanding her brand, adding the title of actress or maybe to become a television host in the future. Still, the fact a discussion about her on anything happening shows just how popular Palmer is as a UFC ring girl. It also shows Palmer's potential value as a Hollywood entertainment personality.

In conclusion, it can be said Brittney Palmer is blazing a trail other rings girls are able to follow, either they be in UFC or any other MMA promotion. If that is the case, the MMA community does believe the one ring girl to follow right behind Palmer is Arianny Celeste.

[Image via Ethan Miller/Getty]