Today's ‘GTA V’ Update Includes New Items, Redesigned Interfaces, And More Camera Options

In addition to today's launch of the new Ill-Gotten Gains DLC for Grand Theft Auto V, the free content was released alongside a large update that makes several changes to the popular open-world crime title. Giving players a comprehensive listing of all the changes that were introduced as part of the new GTA V patch, Rockstar Games revealed the complete change log for Title Update 1.27 on their official support website.

The latest update for Grand Theft Auto V brings several tweaks and bug fixes to the title's story based campaign as well as the game's popular online multiplayer mode. In addition to fixing known issues, Rockstar Games also gave fans plenty of new content changes in this week's new GTA V update.

The in-game internet that players can access from their phones within GTA V has been redesigned as part of Title Update 1.27. The interface for each vehicle website inside the game has been redesigned, making them easier to browse. This should help users find specific vehicles to purchase, including those that were added in today's patch.

GTA Online
Grand Theft Auto V - Ill-Gotten Gains: Part One

Those enjoying GTA V on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC also received a few exclusive new features that aren't available on last-gen consoles. The first person vehicle hood cam that was previously only found in the PC edition of Grand Theft Auto V has now been added to the Xbox One and PS4. All newer platforms also received new options to the Interaction Menu in GTA Online that will allow gamers to change more their equipped jewelry at any time.

Beyond the bug fixes and general tweaks, Rockstar Games also added several new items to Grand Theft Auto V today with the release of the Ill-Gotten Gains: Part One DLC pack. The new add-on gives users access to new vehicles, weapons, clothing, and tattoos. All of the content is meant to be expensive purchases to compensate for the increased income that many GTA V players have seen since the launch of online heist missions.

"You've done the crime - and reaped stacks upon stacks of dirty cash much to the chagrin of San Andreas' reeling financial institutions. So, what to do with your newfound wealth? Sensible low-risk investments and a quiet retirement? Live out the rest of your years comfortably but inconspicuously with an understated and respectable lifestyle?"
Players will also be able to celebrate the new GTA V update this weekend as Rockstar Games is hosting a special online event that will offer many bonuses and in-game rewards. As the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, the event will grant users the chance to earn extra cash and RP within GTA Online.

Are you more likely to purchase in-game currency through Shark Cards since all of the currently available DLC for GTA V has been delivered as free content updates?

[Images via Rockstar Games]