8 Venezuelan TV Presenters Strip Naked To Support National Team Ahead Of Copa America

Gregory Wakeman

A group of Venezuelan television presenters have decided to strip naked to show their support to their national football team ahead of the 2015 Copa America.

Eight presenters from the Venezuelan television show Desnudando la Noticia, which literally translates to "Stripping the News," decided to shed their clothes for their message. In fact, they've even encouraged other Venezuelan women to follow their exploits.

You can watch a video of the scantily clad ladies doing their best to support Venezuela in Copa America by clicking this YouTube link. Warning: the video is NSFW.

The clip has already started to do the rounds across various social media outlets in South America. Half a million people have reportedly already watched the video in the two days since it was released.

The presenters insist that they are "empowering women" and are looking to dismantle the taboo of nudity because of their unique presenting style.

Yuvi Pallares, one the presenters and a model, previously made headlines across the world after she reported on a Cristiano Ronaldo story while stripping at the same time.

According to the Daily Mail, the eight presenters have stated that if the Venezuelan national side are able to continually get through the Copa America then they will add more and more nude content to their webpage.

However, despite their best efforts, it isn't expected to have a big influence on the outcome of Venezuela's plight in the tournament. Venezuela are regarded to be one of the minnows of the 2015 Copa America.

In the group stage alone, they will have to go up against the likes of Colombia, Peru, and Brazil, while they'll also likely have to defeat World Cup finalists Argentina at some point in the competition, too.

[Image from Bob Levey/Getty Images]