Update: Google-Silverlight Deal Rolling Forward


Google will serve ads into Microsoft's Silverlight 2 platform, the company has confirmed.

Google's original announcement that DoubleClick would start powering Silverlight 2-based ads disappeared shortly after its posting this morning, leading us to question what was up with the deal. Google tells us, though, that the vanishing act was a result of a "glitch" on its web site and was unrelated to the deal itself. It was fixed just a few minutes ago.

So, it's a go: The new partnership will launch with the monetization of 2,500 hours of Silverlight NBC Olympic content. DoubleClick's already on-board for ad serving with Flash, RealMedia, and Windows Media, so the addition of Silverlight 2 only makes sense from Google's perspective -- though it's probably not a positive reflection on Microsoft, with the company turning to its competitor for help on its own product.

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