Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich Split Rumors Swirl As Social Media Posts Raise Questions

People have been speculating for a while now that there may be trouble brewing for celebrity couple Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich. The two celebrated their second wedding anniversary last summer, but a number of Instagram posts in recent weeks have sparked buzz that perhaps the couple has split.

So far, neither Julianne nor Brooks has publicly addressed any of this split speculation. However, fans have noticed changes in their Instagram posts and have been asking questions.

It appears that the last post on Julianne's Instagram page that includes Brooks is from last August. Brooks' Instagram page does show a photo that includes Julianne more recently, as he shared a sweet snap of them for Thanksgiving.

In late October, Brooks shared a throwback photo on Instagram showing him with Julianne and their now-deceased pups in a shot where he labeled the location as "Heaven on Earth." Fans of the couple know that their dogs Lexi and Harley suddenly and somewhat mysteriously died at the end of September and both Julianne and Brooks paid tribute to the dogs a couple of weeks later.

Neither Julianne nor Brooks has shared details regarding what happened to Lexi and Harley. Some fans have noticed that things have seemed different between Julianne and Brooks, at least in terms of what they post online, since that time.

In recent weeks, many of Julianne's fans have noticed that she does not seem to consistently wear her wedding ring. She has been photographed without it several times, although an Instagram post from December 19 does appear to show her wearing the ring.

Julianne and Brooks have both been traveling quite a bit in recent weeks, but traveling separately. In an Instagram post on Christmas Eve, as Julianne was in London with a friend, she clearly was not wearing her ring. So far, it does appear that Brooks is still wearing his ring.

On a brighter note, there are signs that the two are still on good terms or are at least working on things.

On Tuesday, Brooks shared a lengthy note on his Instagram page where he wrote about working to be boundless in 2020. This isn't the first post the former professional hockey player has shared in recent days that has been reflective and insightful, and Julianne both liked and commented on this newest post.

The former America's Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars personality called Brooks' latest post beautiful, and she liked the post prior to that. When Brooks posted a snap on Christmas Eve showing him in Hawaii with his extended family, Julianne commented that they were cuties in tie-dye.

Are Julianne and Brooks separated or on the verge of splitting up? If there is trouble in their marriage, it looks as if they are not yet at a point where they are ready to make any official statements about it.

Quite a few fans have noticed all of this and are asking questions on their social media posts. However, at least for now, it looks as if both Brooks and Julianne are going to leave people guessing.