Bounce House Disaster: Child Killed When Wind Gust Carries Away Inflatable Castle, Terrifying Incident Caught On Video

A terrifying bounce house disaster left one child dead in China after a freak gust of wind swept away the inflatable castle she was playing in, and the terrifying accident was all caught on camera.

The incident took place in Tianyang City, where a young girl was playing inside a bounce house that was located near a shopping center. The video shows the child playing, with her mother standing just outside the inflatable castle, when the entire structure started to shake from the wind.

As the wind intensified, the bounce house began to slide along the ground. The mother tried in vain to hold it in place, but it was quickly swept up in the air above a parking lot and out of frame of the surveillance camera.

The bounce house disaster had tragic consequences.

"The child was in a coma when she came in for emergency treatment," the director of emergency treatment in Tianyang County told Chinese media outlets. "We immediately began emergency treatment, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, and asked surgeons for a consultation. About 40 minutes later, however, the child died."

Investigators are now looking into the bounce house accident, and local media outlets have reported that the inflatable castle wasn't anchored to the ground and had been illegally installed.

This is not the first time that a trip to a bounce house has ended in disaster. Last month, a bounce house in Florida filled with kids was blown into the air by a waterspout.

Like the incident in China, the Florida bounce house disaster was caught on video and the footage quickly went viral.

Video showed the inflatable play area flying through the air and coming to rest on a basketball court. Paramedics arrived to treat the victims, taking three children to the hospital.

Witnesses said the waterspout came quickly, leading many of them to scurry to safety.

"It came right over us. We laid on the ground; we were right in front of the bounce house. We watched it pick up the bounce house and snap a basketball hoop," said Burt Osteen, a 37-year-old who was at the beach with his family.

Osteen said he barely felt anything as the waterspout itself passed, only being stung by a bit by sand.

There still could be more consequences after the disaster in China, with police saying the incident is still under investigation.

Video of the bounce house disaster from China can be seen here, but be warned that it is disturbing.

[Image via Liveleak screen shot]