‘Uptown Funk’ Dancer Shirley Clements Pumps Up Outbreak Crowd — At Age 60

This “Uptown Funk” dancer is 60-years-old, but she’s probably better than you. At Shirley Clements’ retirement from Outbreak, a dance class she invented, this lady showed everybody that she still has the skills.

At first, Clements appeared reluctant to do it, but as the Outbreak announcer playfully pulled her out on the dance floor, the school was in for quite a shock. Being at least twice the age of the majority of the crowd, she kept up with anyone who dared to join in.

Nobody seemed to expect Clements to open her retirement speech with “hey,” but it was the first sign of what was coming. The bass kicked in and she began doing a hip-hop dance routine you don’t normally expect from anyone that age, but Clements wasn’t one to back down. As the Huffington Post states, she’s been dancing since she was 4-years-old, and she’s been passionate about it ever since.

The “Uptown Funk” dancer suddenly began rapping at the crowd for a few seconds, taunting everybody. Then, an entire crowd started joining in, showing that the whole routine had likely been planned ahead of time. As Bruno Mars began to take over the vocals, Shirley Clements started pulling off dance moves which wowed and surprised everybody who wasn’t about to join her.

As the first part of the crowd retreated with Clements to the back of the auditorium, they eventually sat down as a new group joined her.

Then things got really crazy, as Clements literally began breakdancing, doing the classic head-spin routine.

The retirement dance routine was so impressive that it was even featured on Ellen DeGeneres’ Ellen Tube channel, earning the performance over two million views.

Shirley Clements, the “Uptown Funk” dancer, has proved that at the age of 60, she can probably dance better than you. This was one retirement party that nobody will soon forget.

[Image via YouTube]