Baby Ayla Still In ‘Worrying State’ Days After Rugby Dad Jerry Collins Dies [Video]

The world is still concerned about the outcome of baby Ayla after learning she remains in a “worrying state” days after her parents, rugby star Jerry Collins and his partner, Alana Madill, died in a car crash last Friday. Both parents were killed instantly after colliding with a bus on a motorway in Herault, which is in southern France.

Jerry’s daughter, who was also in the vehicle, has been in the hospital since Friday fighting for her life.

According to the Daily Mail, French prosecutor Yvon Clavet is keeping the world updated on Ayla’s condition. “The state of the health of Alya still remains worrying,” Clavet told reporters. He also said the cause of the accident in which Jerry and Alana died is still under investigation.

French authorities are bringing in experts to examine the vehicles, as well as Jerry and Alana, to determine what happened the day Jerry died. Clavet said as follows.

“Following the accident during which Jerry Collins and his companion Alana Madill were killed, investigations are ongoing, notably through various medical tests and complementary analyses.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jerry Collins and Alana Madill were coming back from a rugby gala when their car was struck by a bus. Both Jerry and his partner died instantly.

The circumstances surrounding the accident still remain unclear. Clavet said in a statement that “the car, in which [Jerry was] travelling, had swerved unexpectedly before coming to a halt and was struck from behind by the bus.”

Tim Castle, Jerry’s agent, first kept reporters informed that Jerry died and has since released statements about Ayla’s condition, which was determined to be “very precarious”: “It’s fair to say without wanting to be dramatic, in fact quite the contrary, that it is precarious. [Collins’s condition is] very serious.”

Family members, including Madill’s sister, Brenna Smith, have rushed to Ayla’s side in support, and Sport Act reports they’re currently with the little girl to ensure Collins gets everything she needs.

According to the Daily Mail, Smith posted on her social media pages that she’s hopeful of her niece’s recovery, writing, “Baby Ayla is continuing to fight her battle but I’m encouraged by the smallest positive signs. Keep fighting my little beauty.”

Collins’s family are trying to have Jerry’s body sent back to New Zealand for the funeral.

The cause of the fatal accident in which Jerry died is still being investigated. There’s no word whether there will be charges in the death of Jerry Collins and Alana Madill.

[Image Credit: Marty Melville / Getty Images]