Snooki Defends Her Baby

Twitter was all a buzz when pregnant Jersey Shore’sSnooki, 24, defended her unborn child with longtime boyfriend Jionni LaValle.

Different media outlets have been giving Snooki a hard time about the uncertain future revolving around her unborn child because of the reality star’s infamous documented partying ways.

Well today it seemed like Snooki had enough with her constant critics and took to twitter to tweet back at a few people who were less than supportive of her pregnancy.

After one twitter follower said, “the possible fathers of your child must be so excited”, Snooki fired back “Such a lovely bitch, eh? Hooker.”

The war didn’t stop there. Snooki took it upon herself to answer back to more of her critics, which started quite the tweet storm. When another follower tweeted, “I keep hearing you’re going to birth a Dorito,” Snooki replied, “Or a Cheeto.”

Later on the Jersey Shore star tweeted a picture of herself holding up a fist with the caption stating, “I’ll cut a bitch if you mess with my baby!”

Earlier last month when Snooki took to US Weekly for an exclusive interview about her pregnancy and impending motherhood, she tackled the issue of her critics head on, stating back then, “I don’t care what anybody thinks. As long as I know I’m ready and he’s ready, I don’t have to talk to anybody about it.”

As for her partying girl ways that gave her this attention in the first place, Snooki claims that she’s hardly the big drinker everyone thinks she is, telling US Weekly, “When I wasn’t filming Jersey Shore, I hardly drank because I got into fitness and losing weight. When Jionni goes out and invites me, I say, ‘No, go by yourself.’ I just want to stay home and relaxed. No more peeing on porches.”

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