450 Students Survived Fire Outbreak in Ben Franklin High School

Ben Franklin High School, a highly academically-acclaimed public high school near Broad and Spring Garden Philadelphia, had a fire outbreak on Monday Morning around 10 a.m., forcing the staff and about 450 students to evacuate the building. Fortunately, no injuries had been reported to have occurred in the fire.

In an interview with Jesse Gary of NBC, the Philadelphia School District spokesman Fernando Gallard said that on the fourth floor classroom a teacher called that there was a fire in the ceiling so they immediately start to evacuate the building. The fire in the classroom reached the ceiling and spread to other parts of the building. All the students got out safely."The teachers really took the action to get the students out quickly," he reported.

In a detailed report by CBS about the fire situation in Franklin High School, located at 550 North Board Street, Sophomore Michael Bonner was on fourth floor when he says, "they heard an alarm and an announcement"

"Exit the building, this is a real Fire alarm. As I'm leaving my classroom I see how my floor is completely smoked up and how one classroom is completely engulfed in Smoke," he told KYW Newsradio.

"Students came out of the building no injuries. We had approximately 450 students in the building," said Gallard. The cause of the blaze wasn't immediately known, and the fire marshal's office was continuing to investigate how it started. They are yet to access the extent of the damage, and the students were taken to the Franklin Learning Center, a few blocks away.

SPRING GARDEN (WPVI) --Investigators are working to determine what sparked the fire. Investigators tell Action News the fire was contained in Room 402, one of the school's science labs, where the blaze started. School officials say, all things considered, the situation could have been a lot worse."No injuries, great news," said Fernando

Gallard praised the staff of Franklin School for their amazing work in containing the situation.

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