'Reality Steve' Leaks Full 'Bachelor In Paradise' Cast List: Who Is The Surprise Contestant On 'BIP' Season 2? [Updated]

Who's headed to Bachelor in Paradise this summer? People released a partial cast list today, but Reality Steve once again is a step ahead of the show's producers, releasing a full cast list, including spoilers about the second season of BIP almost two months ahead of the August 2 premiere date. (Full cast list below.)

This year's lineup includes 26 former cast members from the Bachelor franchise, and a female sibling of one of contestants.

"The sibling I was teasing who was cast and is the 'surprise' contestant People mentioned is Ashley I's sister, Lauren."
While only a partial list has been released by ABC, Steve claims he was given the actual cast list by a guest at the hotel in Mexico.
"That's what happens when production accidentally leaves a cast list laying around and a visitor to the hotel emails it to me. Oops."
Last season, the Bachelor in Paradise premiere started out with 14 contestants, with 11 more arriving throughout the season. The format for this the 2015 season will be similar, but there will be 27 total cast members — 16 will be on the August 2 premiere, with 11 contestants arriving on future episodes.

Filming got underway last week at the Grand Mayan Resort in Nuevo Vallarta. Earlier in the week, Mike Fleiss, the show's producer, tweeted the names of three of the 27 contestants — Jade Roper, Juelia Kinney, Tenley Molzahn, and Ashley Salter.

People only released the initial cast — Claire Crawley, Kirk DeWindt, Carly Waddell, Jade Roper, Juelia Kinney, Tenley Molzahn, and Ashley Salter, Jillian Anderson, Ashley Iaconetti, Dan Cox, and Mikey Tenerelli — but Reality Steve just released the complete cast of contestants for Season 2. Here's his list.

The show will start with 16 people (9 girls and 7 guys). The full cast list is below, per Reality Steve.


  • Carly Waddell
  • Megan Bell
  • Samantha Steffen
  • Tenley Molzahn
  • Ashley Salter
  • Ashley Iaconetti
  • Lauren Iaconetti
  • Jade Roper
  • Jaclyn Swartz
  • Chelsie Webster
  • Jillian Anderson
  • Clare Crawley
  • Juelia Kinney
  • Cassandra Ferguson
  • Mackenzie Deonigi
  • Dan Cox
  • Kirk DeWindt
  • Mikey Tenerelli
  • Tanner Tolbert
  • Jonathan Holloway
  • JJ Lane
  • Jared Haibon
  • Joshua Albers
  • Joe Bailey
  • Michael Garofola
  • Justin Reich
  • Nick Peterson
In addition, Steve states that viewers may see Mackenzie Deonigi from Chris' season.

Get ready for a season of drama, villains, and perhaps a love story when Bachelor in Paradise returns on Sunday, August 2 at 8 p.m. ET. According to ABC, the normal time slot will be Mondays at 8 p.m., starting with the second episode on August 3.

[Images: ABC]