Elton John Apologizes After Shocking Rant, Makes Steward Cry Over Hand-Waving Orders

Music legend 68-year-old Elton John made a female steward cry after comparing her to Hitler in a cursing rant in front of thousands of people. John apologized for his outburst later and invited the woman on stage for a hug.

According to Time, the steward earned Elton John’s wraith by telling audience members to put their hands down so others could see.

“I came here to play music, now all you stewards down there, especially the woman in the f*****g ponytail, lighten up, will you? These people have come to hear music and if they want to put their hands in the air, let them. This is not f*****g China, so piss off.”

John added, “You put a uniform on and you think you’re Hitler – well you’re not.”

The Telegraph reports that the concert was held Sunday night at Kingsholm rugby stadium in Gloucester. After Elton John’s harsh words, the singled-out steward could be seen walking off stage in tears.

Concert organizers quickly told Sir John that the stewards were just doing as they were instructed.

Audience member Steven Ward told the BBC that there was good reason for the stewards’ Hitler-like behavior.

“This [concert] was seated, there were disabled people who were sat on our aisle who couldn’t see, obviously they couldn’t stand up to see the stage.”

Ward added that the stewards were trying to put up barriers, but that only made matters worse with people congregating behind them.

Mike Turner, commercial manager for Gloucester Rugby, also defended the stewards explaining, “The stewards did their best to bring the concert back to how it should be.”

Once Elton John had been properly briefed, he apologized (see video below).

“It’s not good enough to say that. Whoever told the stewards to be that strict, that’s their fault and not hers, and I apologize and I will be willing to apologize to her face.”

Sir Elton John brought the woman onto the stage and gave her a hug.

Then, while she shared the musician’s stool, he added, “No-one should ever talk to a lady like that. I’m very, very apologetic,” receiving cheers and applause from the audience.

Nevertheless, at least one fan found problems with John’s apology, according to iTV. The audience member called Elton John chauvinistic for apologizing to the steward as a woman, instead of as a human being.

In any case, the audience seemed to have a good time after the incident. What do you think of Elton John’s cursing rant and subsequent apology?

[Image Credit: Getty Images]