NASA Employees: Huge Alien Structures And UFOs On Dark, Far Side Of Moon [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

Online UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists have for long accused NASA of covering up evidence of existence of UFOs and massive alien structures on the dark far side of the Moon. Mars anomaly hunters have made similar claims about the planet Mars since NASA's Opportunity and Curiosity rovers began sending to Earth photographs of the Martian terrain.

The conviction shared widely in the online UFO and alien community is that NASA is hiding the evidence because the U.S. government has entered into secret alliances with certain alien races or species to share advanced technological knowledge.

But UFO enthusiasts claim that the carefully guarded secrets of the U.S. government are being exposed in the 21st century era of the Internet where information is readily available and shared.

Online UFOlogists have made claims ranging from ordinary and mundane to bizarre and even absurd claims of UFO and alien sightings linked with the International Space Station, the Moon, and Mars.

But probably what has been the mainstay of the conviction among UFO enthusiasts that NASA is indeed hiding information about its knowledge of aliens and UFOs comes from testimonies and confessions by former top ranking civil and military officials.

Some NASA employees have also made stunning disclosures that NASA is hiding information about its knowledge of alien UFOs and about astronauts having direct contact with aliens.

The video above, uploaded to YouTube in July 2009 by YouTube user New World Horizon, purports to show a former U.S. Air force official, Sergeant Karl Wolf, and Ms. Donna Hare, a former NASA employee, saying before the national press club that they saw NASA photographs showing "huge alien structures" on the dark side of the Moon and UFOs flying around or parked on the lunar surface.

"Eyewitness testimony from Ex Airforce Military. There are huge alien structures on the dark side of the moon. Many of the astronauts have seen these and NASA is covering it up, because 'We don't need to know.'"

"A large number of ex high ranking officials… people who had access to very sensitive document... lieutenants, ex commanders in the U.S. air force, astronauts, etc... all going before the national press club to discuss what their experiences have been regarding UFOs and all are willing to go before congress to testify under oath..."

The Inquistr recently reported the case of a former NASA employee, Clark C. McClelland, who, on July 29, 2008, posted a story to his website in which he claimed he saw a 9-foot-tall alien standing and talking with NASA astronauts in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay during a Space Shuttle mission he monitored from the Kennedy Space Center.

A YouTube UFO hunter recently reported spotting a flying saucer parked on the lunar surface in an old NASA clip from the 1971 Apollo 15 mission.

The film was shot by NASA astronaut Jim Irwin.

UFO hunter Paranormal Crucible claimed that the UFO was observing the Apollo 15 Moon landing.

The video below, posted to YouTube in June 2010 by YouTube user Microserf2001, purports to show alien structures from the Zeeman crater on the far side of the moon. According to UFO Sighting's Dailly's Scot Warring, the images may be viewed on Google Moon by entering the coordinates Long: 73° 08′ 30 S Lat: 145° 40′ 40 W.

"Here is a video which depicts a massive rectangular shaped impression into the dark side of the moon, accompanied with straight raised tier and terraces. This massive structure is situated right next to the Zeeman Crater. Unfortunately, the most recent images we get from NASA have been air brushed, but the original one's from the 1960′s clearly show this object in this video..."

[Images: NASA]