Jerry O’Connell’s Twin Daughters Make Adorable Celebrity Debut [Video]

Jerry O’Connell’s daughters are growing up — and making their first red carpet debut at a charity golf game in Beverly Hills. Accompanying dad and mom, Rebecca Romijn, to the game, the girls were clad in country-club chic outfits of pastel shirts and matching skirts.

Jerry showed off his golfing skills by hitting balls at the Brooks Brothers Mini Classic Golf Tournament in Beverly Hills, a celebrity event aimed at raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. His fraternal twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, aged 6, were in tow, smiling and posing for photos with O’Connell to help support the cause, according to E! Online.

Jerry’s daughters, clad in pastel button ups, matching Converse sneakers, a skirt for one and blue slacks for the others, loved the attention as the media pointed the cameras at them posing with O’Connell. They looked like old pros in front of the cameras as they posed and smiled for photos with O’Connell between them, showing off their modelling skills just like mom.

Despite their famous parents, though, O’Connell ‘s daughters lead normal lives, going to Michael Jackson-themed birthday parties and going on day trips to the ocean with Jerry and Rebecca, says Despite snapshots of the girls playing together, Rebecca reports they tend to fight like other sisters. In fact, those photos are of a “rare, fight-free morning,” Romijn reports.

I got love for all them baby mamas!

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In a 2008 interview, O’Connell pontificated on the subject of his newborn daughters, and how despite Jerry’s checkered past, as reported by the Inquisitr, he wanted them to have regular lives like other little girls.

“I know guys are supposed to say, ‘I want a boy. I want to play baseball,’ but I think I’m going to be good raising girls … I can’t wait. They’re going to be tough chicks. They’re only having sex when I’m dead,” Jerry told Entertainment Tonight. “If they don’t date boys at all and just want to be infatuated with their father, that’s what I’m really going for. The nunnery!”

#FBF to these nuts

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It’s not just his daughters that Jerry has expressed appreciation for. O’Connell took to Instagram on Mother’s Day to celebrate moms everywhere — and letting the world know his daughters are just as precious to him.

“I got love for all them baby mamas!” Jerry O’Connell shared on Instagram as the family visited the Santa Monica Pier. “#TheyCanDateWhenI’mDead #HideYoKids #KillMeNow #Trouble.”

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