Dr. Heavenly Kimes Believes Simone Has ‘More Deep-Rooted Issues’

Heavenly Kimes is back for Season 3 of Married To Medicine, and last season, Kimes had no problem calling out her co-stars for the lack of friendly support. And it sounds like nothing has changed between the ladies. On this first episode, all of the women were brought together at Toya Bush-Harris’ home for a Halloween party. Even though Heavenly wasn’t part of the drama, she did sit back and watch Simone Whitmore and Toya argue.

It is possible that Heavenly Kimes doesn’t know everything that has happened between these ladies, but she does believe that Whitmore has more issues than she is revealing. And in the preview for the next episode, Simone is seen flipping out on her husband for trying to settle the drama with Toya.

According to a new Bravo report, Heavenly Kimes is now revealing that she thinks Simone has some deep-rooted issues that has nothing to do with her co-stars. Whitmore herself has revealed that she doesn’t forgive easily, but Kimes believes there is much more to the story.

“Simone is all over the place. She is very emotional… I wonder what it is about Toya that always makes her so upset. Looking from the outside in, I do think she feels guilty for not spending the time with her kids that she wants. She chose a career that makes it almost impossible to do so,” Heavenly Kimes reveals about the drama, adding, “Is this why she get so upset when Toya says she is not a good mother? Come on, it’s Toya! You can’t take anything she says too seriously. My training as a certified relationship expert leads me to believe Simone has more deep-rooted issues!”

According to the Inquisitr, Heavenly’s co-star revealed that she doesn’t forgive easily and she doesn’t really want to work out her issues with Toya. When they fought, it all happened in front of Simone’s son, which is unforgivable. But Heavenly Kimes has no problem throwing shade at her co-stars.

“So she lives a very glamorous life. I think some of the ladies are envious of her lifestyle. Let’s admit it: compared to the rest of us, Toya does nothing and has everything … even if it is all rented and leased. I don’t think she realizes how hurtful she can be sometimes, which leads me to Dr. Simone,” Heavenly Kimes reveals about Whitmore and how she can be hurtful in her statements.

What do you think of Heavenly Kimes’ thoughts?

[Image via Bravo]