Ashley Olsen’s Lyme Disease Leads To Hair Loss [Report]

Ashley Olsen’s Lyme disease has reportedly led to hair loss. According to a June 9 report by Radar Online, Olsen has been battling the illness for months, and her struggles recently took a turn for the worse. According to the site, Ashley Olsen’s hair appears to be thinning, and an expert claims it may be “one of the ramifications of Lyme Disease.”

Ashley Olsen has yet to confirm her Lyme disease diagnosis, but after photos were released of the former Full House actress out in New York City on Monday, nutrition and weight loss expert Alicia Hunter spoke out.

“[Ashley Olsen] appears to be suffering from thinning hair. One of the ramifications of Lyme Disease is an upset of the thyroid system, which can result in temporary hair loss. Malnutrition and stress can also factor into hair loss.”

As for what Ashley Olsen can do to fight back against the alleged Lyme disease side effects, Hunter had a few words of advice.

“[Ashley Olsen] could benefit from biotin supplements; biotin occurs naturally in our bodies but can be depleted for various reasons, but production can be supported through over the counter supplements, and over time, the supplements can increase growth of hair and nails. She’d also be wise to cut down on stressors in her life and focus on adequate nutrition and increasing the healthily fats in her meals.”

Ashley Olsen is one of many celebrities who is reportedly suffering from Lyme disease. One of the most outspoken celebrities, however, is Yolanda Foster, star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Since her 2012 diagnosis, Foster has been vocal about her struggles, both on the Bravo reality show and on social media. While filming the recently-aired fifth season of the show, Foster suffered a Lyme disease relapse, which resulted in her being unable to read, write, or watch television. In the months since, she’s struggled to get back on track, and during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 reunion taping, was forced to leave set early after having a breakdown.

Singer Avril Lavigne is also suffering from Lyme disease, and recently went public with her battle.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, news of Ashley Olsen’s reported battle with Lyme disease first hit the web in early May. At the time, a source told In Touch Weekly, via Radar Online, that Olsen was having a “very tough time” after the diagnosis.

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