WWE News: CM Punk Calls Out Hulk Hogan Over Stanley Cup Finals [Video]

UPDATE: After Hulk Hogan took to Twitter to try and justify himself, Punk responded to Hogan with vulgar and direct verbiage.

During their active careers in the professional wrestling ring, CM Punk and Hulk Hogan never crossed paths and never locked up in the squared circle. But that did not stop Punk from calling out the wrestling icon regarding the team he picked to win the NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

In a recent appearance, the 61-year-old former face of professional wrestling proclaimed his support for his team, the Tampa Bay Lighting, and claimed that “Chicago is in a whole lot of trouble.” In response to Hogan, former WWE superstar and soon-to-be UFC fighter Punk had a few choice words for Hogan.

Punk is a well-known supporter of the Chicago Blackhawks and has been for several years. A frequent attendee at Blackhawks games since his WWE departure, Punk has been involved in several things with the organization, including a feud against the Los Angeles Kings mascot during last year’s Stanley Cup finals.

Now the former five-time WWE champion is calling out Hogan, and he did not hold back one bit. Not only did Punk put down the Lighting organization for associating with Hogan, but he slammed Hogan for his lack of knowledge about the team’s coaches and roster.

“Normally the less said about Hulk Hogan the better, but he spoke my name first, The Tampa Bay organization should be embarrassed for hitching their trailer to such a piece of garbage that pronounced the captain’s name wrong, and then called coach John Cooper, John Connor! Ladies and gentlemen, we’re in Chicago and we’re real hockey fans and we want the cup! Tampa Bay’s going down!”

Since leaving the WWE in early 2014, Punk has remained relatively quiet regarding mentioning wrestlers or professional wrestling in general, outside of his podcast with his best friend Colt Cabana. Considering Punk’s future being in the UFC, it is not surprising to see Punk taking jabs at people, albeit those jabs being verbal ones.

At this juncture, the Lighting hold a two games to one lead over the Blackhawks. Their next scheduled game is set to take place this Wednesday as the Blackhawks will look to even up the series at two games a piece. But if the Hawks do manage to win their second Stanley Cup championship in the past three years, it would be a safe guess that the usually outspoken Punk will not hesitate to let the world, and Hogan himself, know how he feels about it.

[Image via WWE]