WWE Rumors: Could Brock Lesnar Finally Return At 'Money In The Bank' On Sunday? Will He Win The Briefcase?

The "Beast Incarnate" himself, Brock Lesnar, is getting ever closer to his return to WWE television. Some think he won't be back for a couple of weeks yet. Paul Heyman has said that "his client" will be back full-time on WWE TV after Money in the Bank. One has to wonder though if WWE would have him appear at the pay-per-view this Sunday to begin the rumored "major angle."

WWE has kind of been toying around the date that Lesnar will actually show back up on TV. It's as if they are still trying to keep something a surprise even though fans have now come to expect that he'll be back soon.

Not only are there now rumors of Brock Lesnar possibly showing up on Sunday at Money in the Bank, but could he actually win that match?

It's kind of hard to think that Lesnar would be put into a match with seven other competitors. That just doesn't seem to be the way that WWE would use him at any point during his three-year deal that's currently in place.

SportsKeeda seems to believe that is exactly what could happen. Kane joined the Money in the Bank ladder match to make it an uneven seven participants, but that never really mattered. Still, it leads us to believe that one spot may still remain open.

Can you even imagine the look on everyone's faces in the ring and around the arena if his music hit and they saw this?

brock lesnar money in the bank

Lesnar would immediately turn into the all-out favorite to win the match. If he did, he would then have the briefcase for a WWE World Heavyweight Title shot anytime he wanted it within the next year.

Chances are that Lesnar would be one of the very few who wouldn't care to take advantage of an opponent to use the briefcase. The "Beast Incarnate" doesn't care if his opponent is fresh or worn out. He'll be looking to destroy them either way.

If this were to happen, it would really set up some interesting storylines going forward as apparently the plans for Lesnar at SummerSlam are rumored to already be changing.

Right now, it's hard to know what could happen this Sunday, but one thing is certain. If the rumors are true and Brock Lesnar ends up being in the Money in the Bank ladder match, there will be immense amounts of carnage and some brutal spots as he aims for the WWE Title match contract.

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