[True Blood] Fifth Season Trailer Hits, Eric is Kissing Someone That Isn’t Sookie!

Oh, my God, you guys, True Blood is finally coming back after like six vampire lifetimes in hiatus, and the fifth season trailer is out!

When we left Sookie and her fangy friends on True Blood last, Area Five Sheriff Eric Northman and our part-fairy protagonist had experienced a whirlwind romance after a gang of evil witches gave the normally cocky owner of Fangtasia some spell-induced amnesia, erasing his memories of the past ten or so centuries and allowing his true and totally sweet nature to appear, seducing the hell out of Sookie.

true blood alan ball steps down

Many shenanigans and much sexy sexing occurred during the ensuing co-ed sleepovers through the attempts to retrieve Eric’s Ericness from the depths of Marnie’s evilness, including a fan-favorite from-the-books “shower scene” that was kind of given the MDMA treatment when brought to the small screen. (Spoiler alert from the books: It did not snow on Sookie’s bed while she and Eric were having business time, though the strangeness was played to great female-pleasing effect on the show.)

True Blood‘s season four finale ended with Eric trading his memories of OMG enduring love with Sookie for his memories of the other thousand years of his life, but more importantly, Sook’s best friend Tara was shot in the head by the crazy, vendetta-bearing Debbie Pelt before Sookie managed to blow her face off with Jason’s Benelli.

True Blood‘s Season Five trailer embodies the same maddening habit of the show in the past to give away exactly nothing while teasing with some clearly meaningful flashes. We see Eric kissing someone who is obviously not Sookie, Sookie digging a grave, Jason being visited by newly-vamped up preacher Steve Newlin, and Sam taking his shirt off. (Me during every Eric and Sookie scene, below.)

eric sookie now kiss

You can watch the trailer below, but be warned- it’s still two months until True Blood is back, and it only makes you want to find out what happens right this very second.