Pizza Hut Unveils New Delivery Box That Converts Into A Movie Projector For Smartphones [Video]

Pizza Hut has answered countless prayers and created the “Blockbuster Box” – a new delivery box that converts into a movie projector.

This genius contraption comes from the minds of Ogilvy & Mather Group HK, who, with their Chief Creative Officer Reed Collins, crafted the box so in just a few steps you can start binge-watching Netflix with the help of your smartphone.

At the moment, “Blockbuster Box” is only delivered through Pizza Hut Hong Kong, with the boxes coming in four distinct varieties, each of which carry a separate movie download code. These choices include Anchovy Armageddon (for science fiction), Slice Night (for horror fans), Fully Loaded (for an action flick), and Hot and Ready (for romance).

A special pizza table, which features a lens, can be found inside each box – this allows the center of the box to keep from touching the pizza.

Once you’ve cleared out the pizza and had your fill, you can remove the lens and insert it into the perforated hole on the side of the box.

Then, when the lens has been inserted, you place your smartphone in the center of the pizza box and the lens will magnify the display from your phone and project it onto the desired surface.

Check out the awesomeness below.