Jason George To Fill McDreamy Gap, But He Will Have New ‘Charismatic’ Competition

Jason George will do nicely to fill the "McDreamy" gap in Grey's Anatomy. George has been promoted, and his character, Dr. Ben Warren, will be a regular on the series for the upcoming season. Jason started out in Season 6 as a love interest for Miranda Bailey (played by Chandra Wilson), and impressed tough lady and Grey's Anatomy producer Shonda Rhimes, while Warren impressed Miranda enough for the couple to marry in Season 9.

At least one Grey's fan was worried that Jason and Chandra weren't getting enough screen time.With his promotion to a regular, Jason can expect a lot more screen time and his own storylines. According to Zap2It, one of those storylines will have Jason's character Ben Warren "play an integral part" when Miranda makes a run for Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. In a sub-story that is more Ben's own, Jason's character will have some emotional issues to consider. Last season, Ben's brother announced that he was beginning a gender transition, and this is expected to give George a lot to work with.

Commenters on a TV Line article about Grey's Anatomy's next season are thrilled with the idea of seeing more of Jason George.

Dominique said, "it's about time. i love ben and i adore jason george as an actor. this is great news!!" and Kim agreed, calling Jason "hot eye candy." Krystan added, "I am happy about this. I like his character and the actor. It doesn't hurt that he is incredibly handsome either. ;)"

Jason will have some competition for the "McDreamy" title. Shonda Rhimes is searching for a new doctor to work at Grey Sloan. The Grey's newbie will have to be a "name" actor "who is "charismatic, good-looking and believable as a surgeon." There are rumours afloat that the new surgeon on Grey's Anatomy will be Asian, and that he and Meredith will hit it off in the romance department. Names being tossed around include Loan Gruffudd, Patrick Wilson, David Walton, Josh Duhamel, and Kris Polaha. So being Asian is negotiable, but on Grey's Anatomy, the charisma and looks are a must!

Shonda Rhimes hasn't confirmed anything, though it is known that the new guy will automatically be a regular on Grey's.

There's just one worry for all these gorgeous doctors on the long running show. How long will they be allowed to stay alive? The A.V. Club points out that "Rhimes can never be accused of ignoring the realities of death on this show," and a lot of the Grey's Anatomy characters die.

"George O'Malley (death by bus), Denny Duquette (death by heart transplant), Lexie Grey and Mark "McSteamy" Sloan (death by plane crash), and Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd (death by truck)..."
So, there's a good chance Grey's fans (and Miranda) shouldn't rely on Ben Warren sticking around forever either!

[Image via A.V.Club]