Man Assaults Woman, Then Begs Her To Drop The Charges By Showing Her His Penis

Bribery rarely works, and often gets you into more trouble than you started. This was exactly the case for a man from Tuscaloosa, Alabama who got himself into double the trouble after he assaulted a woman, then tried to persuade her to drop the charges by dropping his pants and showing his penis to her.

According to the Huffington Post, Wiley Lee Sanders, age 32, did his best to convince his victim to stop pressing assault charges against him, but ended up getting arrested once more and is now facing an additional indecent exposure charge.

It started with Sanders visiting the home of the woman to allow her to have sex with him, if she would agree to drop the charges. The woman turned him down, so Sanders showed up a second time a few hours later. This time, the man was even more aggressive with his "bribe" to trade sex in exchange for dropped charges. According to Death and Taxes, Sanders dropped his pants in front of her, showing his penis in the hopes that this would persuade her to have sex with him. He offered to come inside or to take her back to his apartment. Predictably, the woman turned down the offer a second time and slammed the door.

The woman he assaulted then contacted the police to inform them about Sanders showing his penis. An arrest warrant was issued a few weeks later on May 29. Wiley Lee Sanders was arrested last week on Wednesday and taken to the Tuscaloosa County Jail. He has since been released on bond, so it's possible he'll make another bold offer to the woman--although showing his penis got him an indecent exposure charge that the woman doesn't have the power to drop.

According to AL, the initial assault charge would not have even warranted a particularly steep punishment. The court documents claimed that Wiley Lee Sanders had committed third-degree assault, which can be classified as a misdemeanor. Oftentimes, third degree assault is only the result of an accident or negligence. Sanders hoped that showing his penis would make the problem go away, but he might have been better off just accepting the minor punishment.

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[Image courtesy of Tuscaloosa County]