Michelle Obama To Appear On ‘The Colbert Report’ Next Week

Michelle Obama will be heading to “The Colbert Report” next week to celebrate the anniversary of her Joining Forces initiative. This will be the second time that Michelle will appear on the show and her first since becoming the First Lady.

Colbert said in a statement:

“We are honored that the First Lady is joining us and I trust that the feeling is mutual.”

Michelle Obama has been making several TV appearances lately. She recently exercised with the contestants on “The Biggest Loser.” The First Lady also attended the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards last weekend with her daughters.

The First Lady will appear on “Colbert” next Wednesday, April 11th to talk about her Joining Forces initiative, which supports military families. Michelle recently unveiled a plan that should create thousands of new jobs for military spouses. Obama said that most of the jobs are jobs that can be done remotely. Obama said:

“We’re trying to meet these spouses where they are… This will make such a huge difference… When the next set of orders comes in for these families, and they have to move across the country, they’ll be able to move these jobs with them.”

Here’s a video from the last time Michelle Obama appeared on “The Colbert Report.”

The Colbert Report
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