Third Mummified Body Found On Mexico's Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba is Mexco's highest volcano, and this year, has been the site for grisly discoveries. The body of a young man, frozen in the harsh landscape, is the third mummified corpse found this year. Two other bodies, reportedly climbers that had been missing since 1959, were found in February.

Pico de Orizaba reaches 18,500 feet into the sky and is home to Mexico's largest glacier, the Gran Glaciar Norte. The volcano also houses most of the country's other glaciers.

The mayor of a nearby municipality, Juan Navarro, Mayor Chalchicomula of Sesma, reported that the body had been found around 17,000 feet. It was added that the young male, about 25-years-old, was found on the opposite side of the mountain where the previous two had been discovered.

Reports indicate the the newest body to be found on the volcano is not that of a climber, but most likely one of a plane crash victim. The body of the young male, reportedly around 25-years-old, is dressed in plan clothes--a sweater, shirt, and pants--not something one would likely wear when attempting to climb a glacier covered mountain.

"We think this mummy will have about 15 years (old) and who was the victim of a plane crash of a small plane that crashed on top. It could be the pilot or a passenger. We do not know yet," said the mayor. (Translated by Google).

However, due to the difficulty in accessing the site where the mummy was found, official reports will take some time.

The previous two bodies, discovered earlier in the year, were believed to be victims of an avalanche. In 1959, an expedition of Pico de Orizaba lost three members of their party when an avalanche swept through. The two bodies were found in an embrace.

As teams move in to excavate the area where the new mummified body was found, more information will be revealed.

The Huffington Post reports that the glaciers have been melting. This glacial retreat could be why the mummies are suddenly exposed. Climbers, already undertaking the daunting task of climbing the volcano, are greeted with these grisly sights because the glaciers are simply melting away.

[Photo via Associated Press]