Justin Bieber Purchases Mansion In Calabasas

With 9,000 square feet to call his own pop superstar Justin Bieber revealed this week that he has purchased a mansion in Calabasas, California.

Located in a suburb of Los Angeles the property is found inside a gated community where celebrities and big business types have their lives shielded from the outside world.

Calabasas mayor Mary Sue Maurer upon hearing of Bieber’s decision revealed that she couldn’t be more thrilled, telling TMZ:

“Justin is welcomed to Calabasas and his privacy will be respected just like everyone else’s.”

In fact Bieber likely chose the community because it has not just one but two security gates to keep outsiders out of the community.

Bieber’s new home was originally priced at $7.5 million but those in the know say Bieber managed to pick up the home for just a little bit over $6 million with a move in date expected by the end of June.

At just 18-years old Justin Bieber has his own mansion, but we all knew that was coming. What might be most surprising is that the 18-yaer-old didn’t buy an apartment in Los Angeles which would allow him to stay close to all of the nightlife action the city has to offer. In any case Bieber is just 22 miles away from Hollywood and let’s be honest, the party will come to Justin Bieber anytime he wants it to.

Bieber spent a considerable amount of time hunting down the perfect home, now he just have to get over the fact that Kim Kardashian lives in his neighborhood.