Amber Marchese Hits The Gym Post Cancer Diagnosis: ‘It Felt So Good To Be Back’

Amber Marchese has been going through quite the journey over the past couple of weeks, as she was diagnosed with cancer once again. It was a miracle that Amber found the lump in her breast back in April during a movie night. As she explained herself, she simply held her arm up and felt the lump. It wasn't planned, and she quickly set things into motion to get it checked out.

Luckily for Amber Marchese, the cancer had not spread, and she was lucky to have found it early. Marchese is currently focusing on moving forward. Amber is sharing her story about cancer with People magazine and it is very admirable that she is putting a face to a cancer fighter.

According to a new tweet, Amber Marchese is back in the gym and she is working out to stay healthy. And this morning, Amber's husband proudly shared a picture of her in the gym and called her a warrior.

"My #SpartaQueen or should I say Game of Thrones mother of dragons back at #gym #fitness #rhonj," Amber Marchese's husband revealed this morning as he went with her to the gym.

And it sounds like Marchese loved being back in the gym and working out. It is no secret that Amber has been promoting fitness and health, especially since working out can help fight cancer. And now that she has been diagnosed once again, Amber is all about working out and being healthy. Even her husband, Jim, is in the gym with her, so she has an awesome support system.

"Hahaha oh boy! It felt so good to be back!," Amber Marchese revealed in response to her husband's picture of her on Twitter.

It sounds like they are having fun in the gym, turning a negative experience into something very empowering. According to the Inquisitr, Amber has been talking about getting diagnosed once again and has called the disease very ugly. But it sounds like Marchese is battling this illness head-on and she has a positive attitude. If the family decides to film The Real Housewives of New Jersey, one can imagine that Amber will share her health journey once again.

Bravo have not made a decision about this upcoming season. It is very possible that they will wait until Teresa Giudice is released in December to start filming the show. But Amber has been very vocal about the show being able to move forward without Teresa.

What do you think of Amber Marchese hitting the gym again?

[Image via Instagram]