Kaley Cuoco Shares An Update On The 'Scared And Depressed' Pit Bull She Was Begging Someone To Adopt

Kaley Cuoco might start using her Instagram page to help rescue animals find forever homes more often after her plea on behalf of a lonely pit bull resulted in a happy ending.

On Saturday, the Big Bang Theory star took to her Instagram stories to share an update on the blue nose pit bull that she had previously informed her 5.8 million followers about. Two days prior, she shared a photo of the cute canine. She revealed that the dog's name was Bella Blue, and she was in desperate need of a home. In one of the videos that Kaley uploaded to her stories, she described what the dog looked like, writing that she was "so pretty" and saying that she was "leopard-like, with spots."

Kaley related that Bella was currently staying an animal shelter in San Gabriel, where she was "scared and depressed." In one of her videos, the actress said that the dog had been at the shelter for a long time. Kaley begged her followers to end the poor pooch's plight by adopting or fostering her, and she made the case that blue nose pit bulls make great pets by mentioning that one of her own beloved rescue dogs, Blueberry, is a blue nose pit. The actress further described her pet as "the best dog in the world."

In her update, Kaley revealed that she was recently contacted by the San Gabriel shelter and informed that Bella Blue had been adopted. She also edited her original Instagram post so that all of her worried followers would know that the animal has been given a second chance at a happy life.

"I posted about her, and there was just something about her," Kaley said of how Bella captured her heart.
"I don't know who adopted her, but whoever did, thank you. Thank you to the San Gabriel shelter."
The actress went on to say that she's "so happy" for Bella, and she stated that she would sleep well knowing that the pup is now safe and sound in her forever home. However, she noted that there are still so many other lonely dogs out there in need of help.

"One down and millions and millions of more to go," Kaley said.

She also said that the success of her social media post about Bella has inspired her to use her popular Instagram page to advocate on behalf of other homeless animals.

"I thought maybe I'd start doing this weekly. I'd do one dog that captures my soul and really post about it and see if we can get that dog adopted. So, I guess that will be my new thing."
As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kaley loves her own rescue dogs so much that she recently described the first pit bull she adopted, Norman, as her "truest soulmate."