Meet Heisenpurrg: The Breaking Bad Cat With 133,000 Instagram Followers

A cat who bears more than a passing resemblance to Breaking Bad's Walter White has been nicknamed Heisenpurrg, and this trendy tabby's unique look has earned the funky feline 133,000 Instagram followers.

As fans of Breaking Bad know all too well, Walter White was no pussycat. The meth manufacturing, fish-eyed, ruthless criminal mastermind was not about to sit on anyone's lap and purr contentedly. But Walter, or Heisenberg as the Breaking Bad baldie is sometimes known, had a distinct look, and Heisenpurrg is also rocking the Walter White image to great success.

Just as Walter's story in Breaking Bad was one that saw him transformed from Mr. Chips into Scarface, Heisenpurrg the Breaking Bad cat was once known by the more plain sounding and domesticated name of Gary.

Yet the seven-year-old moggy who wandered into his California owner Charlene Dahilig's backyard and life when he was just three weeks old has the sort of perfectly shaped black goatee that just makes people go "Breaking Bad."

And Heisenpurrg is not about to turn down all the attention, because looking like the baddest cat in town is good for your rep. As Watler White once famously said, "I am not in danger, I am the danger."

The owner of the Breaking Bad feline lives in Sacramento and told The Mirror that everyone who sees her cat comments on his striking beard.

"Everyone who sees Gary comments on his impressive beard. I noticed it from the first time I spotted him in our back garden. It stood out as I'd never seen anything like it before.

"He's always had his defined goatee, even when he was a tiny kitten. To me he looks like Heisenberg from Breaking Bad."

Heisenpurrg's snappy image has already earned him 133,000 followers on his Instagram account @omgdeedee, but Charlene insists fame isn't going to his head and despite his close resemblance to Breaking Bad's chief protagonist, Heisenpurrg is an old softie.
"He may look sarcastic and moody, but in reality he is the sweetest, most loving cat I have ever had. He greets us at the door, cuddles constantly, and loves all people, especially kids.

"He does some unusual things, such as drinking from the garden hose and wearing hats for photos.

"He is the cat of a lifetime."

As Walter White once famously said in one of Breaking Bad's most memorable speeches, "The universe is random."

(Image via The Mirror)