Chris Harrison On 'Brokeback Bachelors' Clint Arlis And JJ Lane: 'There Are A Lot Of Layers' In 'Bachelorette' Relationship

Viewers of The Bachelorette probably expected the "Brokeback Bachelor" storyline to have finished last week. Show promos implied that Clint Arlis and J.J. Lane had become close friends and wanted to stay inside the mansion to maintain their bromance. Although Monday's episode showed Clint and J.J. getting close, and Clint offering interview lines that pumped up the storyline, the show ended with Kaitlyn about to confront her blond suitor.

According to Chris Harrison, the relationship between Clint and J.J. is complicated. In his blog for Yahoo TV, Harrison previewed the resolution to the "Brokeback Bachelor" plot without disclosing what exactly is going on between the two. Although Kaitlyn Bristowe has said the men are "just bros," Harrison said the men were indeed close in the mansion and did everything together.

In order to stay on the program and hang out with J.J., Harrison claims Clint began to mess with Kaitlyn.

"He started to mislead her so he could get a rose and stay around. Kaitlyn quickly caught wind of this and confronted Clint — you'll see how that confrontation plays out next week, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more to this story that you'll see play out next Monday night, you won't believe it. There are a lot of layers to this relationship — and I'm not even sure which relationship I'm talking about at this point. Just know that next week there is a meltdown and a betrayal like we've rarely seen on this show."
Producers of The Bachelorette have taken heat for implying Clint and J.J. are in a relationship, when reports indicate they are not actually gay.

CarterMatt noted that the synopsis for Monday's program implies Kaitlyn does indeed confront Clint, but it is J.J.'s reaction that is most significant. While Clint professes to have no interest in the current Bachelorette, J.J. apparently does have some feelings for Kaitlyn.

It is unclear whether Clint or J.J. is sent home by Kaitlyn, or both will exit the mansion. There was no rose ceremony at the end of last week's program.

The "Brokeback Bachelor" storyline wraps up, presumably, just as Kaitlyn Bristowe is introduced to a new suitor: Nick Viall. The runner-up on Andi Dorfman's season reportedly shows up to try and win Kaitlyn's hand. As Bristowe revealed in an interview, Viall's entry into the competition was not met with the approval of most of the men. She said she understood their feelings.

The Bachelorette airs on ABC.

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