Kate Moss Kicked Off Plane For 'Disruptive Behavior' [Breaking]

Supermodel Kate Moss was kicked off a plane at Luton airport, England for "disruptive" behavior, the BBC reports on Sunday evening.

Kate Moss was traveling on an EasyJet flight from Turkey to London on Sunday afternoon, according to the information provided in a statement by Bedfordshire Police. Authorities "were called to assist staff in escorting a passenger from a flight arriving into Luton airport this afternoon."

Easyjet confirmed police officers had met flight EZY2232 from Bodrum, Turkey to London Luton on Sunday because of the behavior of a passenger on board. The airline added that it "does not tolerate disruptive behavior and will always report any incidents to the authorities."

The supermodel is known for pushing things too far, but apparently, whatever happened on board the EasyJet flight was a bit extreme. Kate Moss was escorted off the plane for obnoxious behavior, according to what the New York Daily News is reporting.

Moss is a multimillionaire supermodel who is quite extravagant, but what many are asking at this time is why on earth was she flying a low-budget commercial airline instead of a posh private plane.

No formal complaints were made against Moss, and she was not arrested according to the BBC. At this time, there are no more details about what exactly Kate Moss was doing that was deemed so disruptive which required her to be escorted off the plane, but the news is all over social media.

Kate Moss has always been somewhat extravagant in her behavior and we await news as to what exactly happened on board the EasyJet flight on Sunday evening. In 2012, Moss spoke to Vanity Fair magazine explaining that she likes to keep her life private.
"I just live my life, and then I work. There's a difference between me and what I do. There's nothing, really, to say about what I do, I just think I don't want to speak."
We will keep you updated on any new information about Kate Moss incident on board the EasyJet flight.

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