Ted Cruz Invites Supporters On A Hunting Trip — The Background Check Isn’t Such A Bad Idea

Ted Cruz is looking for sponsors, and he’s going about it in an unusual way. He’s promoting a drawing. The winner gets to go hunting with Cruz, and time is running out to enter. However, judging from the response, putting together a politician, a citizen, and a gun, might not be one of the smartest moves ever made.

Cruz’ campaign site bears the contest, and, of course, an invitation to donate. The fine print assures would-be donors that they don’t have to donate in order to win, but it’s worth noting that the donor entry and the non-donor entry follow separate links.

Ted Cruz is being called a hypocrite, because the terms and conditions of his contest include a background check, as well as the reminder that the winner will be responsible for obtaining all necessary documents to make the excursion legal: hunting licenses and gun licenses as may be required in the locale that Cruz will choose at a later date.

Cruz has certainly opposed expanding legally mandated background checks for gun buyers, but the argument for hypocrisy by a would-be president isn’t as frightening as the response he’s getting.

@tedcruz Hillary pidegeons?

— Jack Tanner (@scottisatwork) June 8, 2015

Yep — an incredible number of Cruz’ followers either thing that a shooting trip would be an excellent way to get rid of a few politicians, or that shooting people makes a good joke.

Similar responses pepper Cruz’ Facebook page.

“Obama coming with us? Lol”

It’s not just Ted Cruz’ conservative supporters who are getting fired up at the opportunity to be in close quarters with a politician and a gun, though — equally sick jokes (hopefully these are jokes) are coming from across the political spectrum.

From his Facebook:

“Do we get to shoot at Rev Cruz?”

“Only if you’re the target.”

Cruz’ fundraiser has also spurred numerous jokes in poor taste about inviting Dick Cheney along for the trip, as well as responses from people who seem to think that they’d be at risk themselves on a hunting trip with Ted Cruz.

Judging from the response, that background check might not be such a bad idea after all. Alternately, Ted Cruz might want to consider that the idea of being armed in the company of a politician doesn’t seem to bring out the best in a lot of people.

[Photo by: Mark Wilson/Getty Images]